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  • The experts in leveling of sheet metal parts.
  • ARKU has been working with sheet metal since 1928.
  • Headquarters in Barden-Barden, Germany.
  • Servicing American customers from their Cincinnati, OH Offices.

With the EcoMasterĀ® and FlatMasterĀ® series, ARKU offers electromechanical and hydraulic parts levelers. The integrated leveling gap control and the quick-change system for the leveling rollers make the FlatMasterĀ® unique.

Parts levelers for leveling tests are always available at the ARKU leveling center. 


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  • Straighteners and precision levelers remove coil set, camber, edge wave, oil canning, and trapped stresses in all types of metal coils.

    Parts Levelers flatten, straighten and level all types of metal parts.