CRP takes great pride in the complex designs and concepts they have introduced over the years to increase the output and accuracy of their Rollform Systems. They have led the field for over 40 years developing Programmable Index Feeds, multiple Pre-Tooled Rollformers, Variable Width Rollform Tooling, and a wide variety of quick change tooling and set up concepts.

Each Rollformer is specially designed to match the part profile, material to be formed, and overall production criteria. Many companies tend to overlook automation for rollforming.  This is due to the wide range of lengths, punch patterns and end notching configurations required in their product.

Our Engineers are solving these and many other production problems every day. Vast and dramatic changes and improvements have been made in all fields of electronics, including types of Feeds and Index Drives. Major developments in Hydraulic and Pneumatic Controls have also occurred. The options are almost endless to any company aggressive enough to understand and utilize what is available today for the equipment of tomorrow.

The Rollformer can be Pre-Tooled with two sets of tooling (side by side) to form two independent part sections.  Each section will have its own, separate Cutoff and Form Press. The entire Unit will be laterally shifted inline with the Coil Strip Feed when changing products. We build systems to increase productivity, minimize inventory and handling. Systems are tailored to eliminate or minimize changeover of setup time. Quality systems at a price you can afford.

The Spindle Housings are precision ground and machined to exact tolerances. Spindle Shafts are retained within quality machined Spindle Housings using Heavy Duty Timken style Roller Thrust Bearings. The Shafts are close tolerance precision ground to match the Hardened and Polished Tool Steel Roller Dies.

This total On Time Production System allows you to run individual parts with a wide variety of lengths and patterns. This helps eliminate setups, downtime, and / or scrap loss.

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