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Shears, Foot & Manual

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Shears, Foot & Manual

Hand shears or foot shears are manually operated. Commonly referred to as stomp shears or lever shears, they can be used to shear light gauge metal economically.

20 Ga x 120" Tennsmith SK-1020

Model SK-1020 Manual Shear, 24" Manually Operated Backgauge with 24" Scale

Stock Number: UM11708-137

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16 Ga x 36" Pexto

Model 137 with (2) Sheet Supports. No backgauge.

Stock Number: UM10406-137

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16 ga x 36" Pexto

Model No. 137. Includes (1) Sheet Support. No Backgauge.

Stock Number: UM11749-140

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Import 52"" Stomp Shear with Back Gauge

Stock Number: UK8050-137

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16Ga x 52" Roper Whitney Foot Shear

Stock Number: UK8085-137

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Pexto 52" x 16ga. Model 152 foot shear

Stock Number: UI2221-137

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