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Press Brake Accessories, Tooling, CNC Gauges, etc

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Press Brake Accessories, Tooling, CNC Gauges, etc

Press Brake Tooling (punches and dies), quick change tooling, CNC Back Gauges, Crowning Systems (to eliminate shimming), and Accessories assure accurate bends.

4" x 4" x 12' L Multiway Die (Like-new)

Like-new European Style 7-Way Die

Stock Number: UM9121-150

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Stock Number: UW3034-143

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10' Wila'

T9 Bolt Down Manual Crowning Unit

Stock Number: UW3130-143

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Press Brake Tooling Die Cart

Cart Only (no tooling)

Stock Number: UM9328-150

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3-1/2" H x 2-3/4" x 8' 4-Way Die Holder

Model 4WH2-3. 3.5" H x 2.75" W x 8' L 4-Way Die Holder with Tang

Stock Number: UM9855-150C

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14' Wila Compensating Die Holder

Model E3-14, 14' Long, Manual Adjustment.

Stock Number: UM8737-150

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10' Power Brake Dies Compensating (NEW!)

Compensating Die Holder, 10' long. This is a NEW Compensating Die Rail.

Stock Number: UM10946-150

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Adjustable Manual Crowning Unit

Stock Number: UK7822-150

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6" W x 3-3/4" H x 16' Accurcrown Manual

Manual Accurcrown with Readout, 16' long

Stock Number: UM11483-150

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3-3/4" W x 16' L Accurpress 4-Way Die

Model 4W-4, 3-3/4" Block Width, 1", 1-1/2", 2" and 3" openings

Stock Number: UM11484-150

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LazerSafe Retrofit System ""As Is""

Stock Number: UK7877-150

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Wilson Express Clamps

15 total clamps makes up 12’ bed

Stock Number: UK7892-150

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3" x 3" x 12' Accurpress Std. Die Rail

Model DH 3.3, 12' Long, standard die rail, no tang

Stock Number: UM11577-150

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Wilson Express Rail 2000

Stock Number: UK8009-150

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Compensating Die Holder x 12' Long

Stock Number: UK8010-150

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Ram Extension, Style C

8 pieces, $450 each

Stock Number: UK8108-150

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Gooseneck Punch P-GN10

6 pieces, $250 ea

Stock Number: UK8109-150

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Wilson Sectionalized "Acute" Tooling

Model 51024, 3/4" Opening (30 degrees), 231" total length

Stock Number: UM11828-150

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Wilson Sectionalized "Acute" Tooling

Model 51024, 231" overall length, 3/4" Opening (30 degrees).

Stock Number: UM11830-150

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3.75" x 3.75" x 10' Accurpress Accurcrown Manual

Digital Counter and Handle mounted on RH Side, Localized Dial Adjustments every 8".

Stock Number: UM11850-150

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3.75" x 3.5" x 12' Wila Manual ACR I MC

Wila Model ACR I MC, Readout Mounted on RH Side of Die Rail

Stock Number: UM11854-150

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12' Wila New Standard Pro NSCL-I-HC/AS I

New Standard Pro NSCL-I-HC/AS 1 designed for press brakes with American Style I upper beam.

Stock Number: UM11855-150

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2"H x 4.75" x 12' Accupress 4-Way Die & Holder Set

Sold as set. 12' Accurpress 4 Way Die and Holder

Stock Number: UM11869-150

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3.25" x 2" x 12' 4-Way Die Holder

Stock Number: UK8221-150

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8.5"W x 120"L UnitTool Bed Rail L-Series Punching

Bed Rail for Light-Duty L-Series Punching Units. No Punching Units.

Stock Number: UM11926-150

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4-Way Die & Punch Set, 12' Custom HVAC

Stock Number: UK8139-150

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20' Wila ASCL-I/HC/AS I Hydraulic Ram Clamping

Model ASCL-I/HC/AS I with Wila HM11 Power Pack, On/Off Switch Clamp Actication

Stock Number: UM12023-150

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Rack Engineering Starter Glide Out 36" D x 80" W

Stock Number: UK8207-150C

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Rack Engineering Starter Glide Out 60" D x 72" W

Stock Number: UK8208-150C

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