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Welders consist of spot welders and resistance welders that use electric current and pressure to join metal surfaces. There are Rocker Arm Spotwelders and Press Style Spotwelders operated by hand or foot and run manually, semi- automatically or fully automatically.

Alias Names:
Clinching Machines
Spot Welders

L-Tec TIG Welder

Stock Number: UW3796-142

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3,000 lb. Aronson Welding Positioner

Model SHD30A, 36" x 36" table area, 36,000 lb. rotation capacity. 56,250 lb.Tilt Max Torque Load.

Stock Number: UM11171-142S

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Spot welder Bench Style

Stock Number: UM11287-142

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25" Lockformer LetterLok Channel Letter Sign

Model LetterLok Channel Letter Sign Clincher

Stock Number: UM11491-142

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Rex Spot Welder

Stock Number: UK7938-142

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Norlok LetterLok

Stock Number: UM11601-142

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25KVA Peer

Model FR425

Stock Number: UW3100-142

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20" Arms, Air Operated Foot Pedal

Stock Number: UM10910-142S

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30 KVA Western Arctronics

24" Arms, Dwell Timer

Stock Number: UM11210-142

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30 KVA Lors Spot Welder

130AP-DV Spot Welder

Stock Number: UI2119-142

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30 KVA Western Arctronics Semi-Auto

Model 30

Stock Number: UM11443-142

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40 KVA Western Arctronics

Model 40 KVA (SA) with 28" Arms. Semi-automatic with electric foot pedal.

Stock Number: UM10790-142S

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40 KVA Western Arctronics

30" Arms, Semi-Automatic Spot Welder

Stock Number: UM11358-142

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