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Cheek Benders

Manual cheek benders and powered cheek benders for turning male Pittsburgh and snap lock (button lock) seams on the throats of the cheeks of the elbows in the heating ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC)

20 Ga Lockformer Button Punch

No hydraulic pump

Stock Number: UM9833-168

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Lockformer Dual Side Cheek Bender

Stock Number: UK8033-168

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Lockformer Hydraulic Cheek Bender

Includes Pump and Pittsburgh Lock Die.

Stock Number: UM11667-168

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20 Ga. x 12" Lockformer Dual Sided

Manual Dual Sided Cheek Bender

Stock Number: UM11657-168

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Lockformer 24" Cheekbender

Stock Number: UK7980-168S

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RAMS Doublesided Manual Cheekbender 24"

Stock Number: UK8036-168

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24" Lockformer Double Sided Cheekbender

Stock Number: UK8082-168

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24" Engel Dual Sided

Model OFF-24. Manual, Dual Sided. Includes stand.

Stock Number: UM11788-168

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20 Ga. x 24" Manual Dual Sided

Model OEL-24. Manual, Dual Sided. Includes stand (manufacturer unknown).

Stock Number: UM11232-168

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