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Plasma Table/Combo/CNC

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Plasma Table/Combo/CNC

CNC Thermal gantry cutting machines are designed for cutting complex shapes from sheet or plate materials.

Alias Names:
Flame Cutters

20' x 4' FlexCNC G-Series Machining Center

Stock Number: UK7926-159

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Lockformer Vulcan Plasma Cutting Table

Stock Number: UK7953-159

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Hypertherm 260 Unit

Stock Number: UK8033-159

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5' X 10' Lockformer

Stock Number: UW4013-159

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Lockformer 5' x 10' Vulcan 1000B

Price on request. Please consult with your Gladwin salesman for pricing.

Stock Number: UM11675-159

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5' x 20' Lockformer Vulcan 2900

Model 2900, Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Unit. P.O.R. Consult with your Gladwin salesman or David Gladwin (612-483-1745).

Stock Number: UM11574-159

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Used Lockformer 2900 Plasma Table w/NEE Control

Stock Number: UM11596-159

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