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Miscellaneous, HVAC

Lockformer Channel Letter

Model LET-R-FAB I. Die cut tab notches and roll form blank white pre-painted flat aluminum sheets. Capacity .030 (min.) to.042" (max.) thick, 4" to 12" wide

Stock Number: UM9845-149

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18 Ga Iowa Precision IPI Whisper-Loc (Horizontal)

Whisper-Loc Model FAH3456-H (horizontal)

Stock Number: UM11389-149

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Iowa Precision (IPI) Dual Head Cornermatic

18 to 26 ga. Dual Head Cornermatic, 6" Adjustment

Stock Number: UM11434-149

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Duro Dyne Model FDCC-2 Flexible Duct Connector

Model FDCC-2 Flexible Duct Connector Dispenser, shear attachment.

Stock Number: UM11609-149

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18 GA x 48" Magnabend

Magnabend can handle 18 ga x 4' wide light ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal.

Stock Number: UM11682-149

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18 Ga Iowa Precision IPl Whisper-Loc (Vertical)

Whisper-Loc Model FAH3456-H (horizontal)

Stock Number: UM11730-149

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Harper Vane Rail Machine

Price on request. Consult with your Gladwin salesman or David Gladwin (612.483.1745).

Stock Number: UM11769-149

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Niagara Manual Acme Seam Closer

Capacity 44" seam, 48" Throat

Stock Number: UM11748-149

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10' Maplewood Pipe Roller

Price on request.

Stock Number: UM11750-149

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Shear/Roll Machine

Stock Number: UM11370-149

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Iowa Precision Cornermatic Plus

Model CMP-C-16 Cornermatic Plus

Stock Number: UM11847-149

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Binks S.S. Pogo Pump*

For 55 gallon drum

Stock Number: UM9115-149

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Bostitch Wire Stitcher

Model S130, 14" Throat

Stock Number: UM8094-149

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18 Ga. Lockformer Corner Cadet

Stock Number: UM8074-149

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Welty Way Colatch Machine

Includes 6" Die (no other tooling).

Stock Number: UM11746-149

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