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Rolls, Power Plate and Sheet

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Rolls, Power Plate and Sheet

Slip Rolls, Plate Rolls, Initial Pinch Rolls, 4-Roll and 3-Roll machines bend, roll and form cylinders, tanks, windtowers and pipes to various diameters in all kinds of sheet metal and plate.

Alias Names:
Plate Bending Rolls

72"" Lown

Stock Number: UW4093-148

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11 Ga. X 12' WDM Roll

(Sale Pending) Model HIP-7-12

Stock Number: UW4290-148

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3' Roundo No. PASS-205 CNC 4-Roll

Model PASS-205. Price on request.

Stock Number: UM11814-148

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10 Ga x 8' WEBB Initial Pinch 3-Roll

Iniitial Pinch 3-Roll Plate Roll

Stock Number: UM11872-148

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E.G. Heller Power Roll

Model 2006

Stock Number: UW4378-148

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14 Ga. X 60" Niagara

Pinch Roll

Stock Number: UW4083-148

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8 ga x 10' Davi 4-Roll Plate Roll DEMO

Stock Number: UK8261-148

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5/16" X 6' Webb

Initial Pinch Power Roll

Stock Number: UW4325-148

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20 Ga x 48" Forest*

20 ga. x 48" capacity

Stock Number: UM11330-148

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16 Ga x 18" Acrotech 1618-635S 2-Roll

Model 1618-635S

Stock Number: UM11936-148

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11ga x 5' New Dimension Built-Rite Plate Roll

Stock Number: UK8158-148

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10 Ga x 5' New Dimension Built-Rite 3-Roll

Model P5.135 Initial Pinch type (3-Roll)

Stock Number: UM11981-148

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1/4" x 10' Webb

Model 6L-54

Stock Number: UK7833-148

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1/4" x 10' Piranha Plate Roll

Stock Number: UK8239-148

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1/4" x 10' Baileigh 4-Roll Plate Roll

Stock Number: UK8259-148

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5/16" X 20' Davi

Digital, Electronic, Hydraulic Davi

Stock Number: UW4352-148

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3/8" x 6' Davi 4-Roll Power Plate Roll (NEW!)

Stock Number: UK8230-148

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3/8" x 6' JM Montgomery 4-Roll

Model 4R 7237, Dual DRO Readouts

Stock Number: UM11933-148

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3/8" x 7' MG Heller Plate Bending Roll

Stock Number: UK8213-148

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3/8" X 8' J.M. Montgomery

Model 3R9637

Stock Number: UW3026-148

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1/2" x 6' Montgomery No. 4R7250 4-Roll

Model 4R7250 Four Roll Hyd. Plate Roll, Hyd. Open End, Remote (side) Hydraulics, Material Support.

Stock Number: UM11059-148

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5/8" x 100" Davi 4-Roll

Stock Number: UK8211-148

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14-16 ga x 5' Niagara Roll 353-P

Stock Number: UK8189-148

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