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Coil Lines

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Coil Lines

Coil lines process Coil Material of varying widths. Punch, notch, shear, slit, bead, rollform, endform, blank, and bend various materials and products.

Alias Names:
Cut to Length Lines

18 Ga x 60" Iowa Precision IPI Slear Line

Iowa Precision IPI Model FTS6018-SDCT

Stock Number: UM10284-147

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Iowa Precision IPI Coil Line RH U Configuration

(6) Drop-in Decoilers, Ductomatic, Duplex MKV. P.O.R. Call David Gladwin (612) 483-1745.

Stock Number: UM11432-147X

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16Ga x60 Inch Welty Way Model K

Stock Number: UM11546-147

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