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Lasers and Accessories

Laser Cutting technology uses a high output laser to melt, burn, vaporize or blow away material. FIBER, CO2, Fast Axial Flow and Slow Axial Flow lasers in both DC Excited and RF Excited versions are common. Various Wattage Lasers in Flying Optic and Hybrid designs are used in 2D & 3D metal cutting applications.

Mazak FMS Rail Extension

Model LD 510 (5' x 10') Rail Extension for FMS 1st generation

Stock Number: UM10637-144

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Mazak 3D Fabrigear 300


Stock Number: UK7886-144S

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2500 Watt 4' x 8' Mazak

Mazak STX-48 Hi-Pro with Chiller (2000), FOB Ship Point in NC. Load/unload seen in photos is NOT included.

Stock Number: UK7686-144S

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2500 Watt Mazak Fabri Gear 150V

2002 Model Fabri Gear 150V, Fanuc L-64, Small Parts Holder, Demagnetizer, New Mazak Dust Collector. F.O.B. IL. P.O.R. Call your Gladwin salesman or Dan Gladwin (612.298.9966).

Stock Number: UM11447-144S

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Mazak Nexus 3015 CO2 2500W Laser

Stock Number: UK8013-144X

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4000 WATT 5' x 10' MITSUBISHI

Model 3015NX-F40S, Fiber Laser "2015"

Stock Number: UI2157-144CXS

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4000 Watt Mazak

Stock Number: UW4178-144S

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4000 Watt 5' x 10' Mazak

2007 Hyper Tubro-X 510, Mazatrol PREview Control **VIDEO**

Stock Number: UI2172-144S

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4000 Watt 6' x 12' Amada

Model FO 4020NT, CO2 Laser

Stock Number: UI2174-144CX

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4000 Watt Mazak 5' x 10' STX-510 MK II

Super Turbo-X510 Mark II,, Mazatrol Control

Stock Number: UK8008-144

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Mazak 3D FabriGear 300L

Stock Number: UK8016-144XPH

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4000 Watt Mazak 5' x 10' 8 MK III

Stock Number: UK8018-144S

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6000 Watt 5' x 10' Mitsubishi

2D Laser System, Co2 Resonator, "2015"

Stock Number: UI2156-144CXS

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