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Shears, Mechanical and Air Squaring

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Shears, Mechanical and Air Squaring

Mechanical Shears used for high speed cutting of all types of steel, stainless, and aluminum. Light gauge to heavy plate can be processed. Adding CNC front gauges, CNC back gauges, and conveyor stackers increases productivity.

16 Ga x 36" Pexto Air Shear

Model 137 Air Shear with (2) Sheet Supports. No backgauge.

Stock Number: UM10406-140

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14 Gauge x 72"" Wysong

Stock Number: UK7978-140S

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14 Ga x 6' Roper Whitney 6M14

Model 6M14, Front Drop, 24" Front Op. Manual B.G., 5' Scaled Sq. Arm.

Stock Number: UM11880-140

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14 Ga x 10' Roper Whitney 10M14E

Model 10M14E with Front Drop, 24" Backgauge (mechanical readout).

Stock Number: UM11824-140

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10 Ga x 10' Roper Whitney 10M10

Model 10M10, 40" DRO Backgauge, Front Drop Style, Blade Gap Adjust, RH/LH Mountable Sq. Arm.

Stock Number: UM11620-140

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1/4"" x 10' Amada

Model M-3060 Mechanical Shear

Stock Number: UK7869-140

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1/4" X 12' Wysong

Stock Number: UW4125-140S

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16 ga x 36" Pexto

Model No. 137. Includes (1) Sheet Support. No Backgauge.

Stock Number: UM11749-140

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Beatenbender Shear

Stock Number: UK8123-140

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