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Saws, Cold, Abrasive and Friction

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Saws, Cold, Abrasive and Friction

Saws that can be used for the cutting of both ferrous and non-ferrous material. Cold saws use low and high rpm high speed steel and carbide blades to remove material, while abrasive saws and frictions saws use high speed abrasive or small toothed blades to heat the material and remove it from the cut.

Alias Names:
Abrasive and Friction Saws
Cold and Friction Saws

4-1/2" x 6" Kalamazoo

Model No. FS350A, Automatic, 5" Round Tube and 4-1/2" x 6" Rectangle capacity at 90 degrees

Stock Number: UM8461-135

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Wegoma Extrusion Saw

Model No. KL148P with Air Vise. Price on request.

Stock Number: UM8687-135

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Wegoma Non-Ferrous Cold Saw

Dual Mitering Heads, Pneumatic Clamping. VIDEO.

Stock Number: UM10196-135

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3" capacity Pedrazzoli

Model Super Brown 300, Air Vise, Material Entrance Roller, three extra blades

Stock Number: UM10598-135

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Emmegi Radial Libra Twin-Head

2015 Radial Libra, Pneumatic Profile Support, Swarf Exhauster, FOB So. Dakota. Call your Gladwin Salesman or Dave King 612-803-8277 for pricing.

Stock Number: UM11214-135XDK

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Elumatec Aluminum Double Miter

Model No. DG 104. 13" Cut Length. 0 to 45 degrees miter. Vertical & Horizontal Clamping and Digital Readout.

Stock Number: UM9159-135

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12"" Elumatec

Model MGS 73/23 Aluminum Saw, Hydro Pneumatic Feed 45 Degree, Left or Right Miter Pneumatic Clamping, Pulsed Coolant 300mm x 100 Tooth Blade

Stock Number: UW3074-135

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Elumatec Aluminum Table Saw

2001 Model TS161/21 Manual Cut -Off Saw, Vertical Pneumatic Clamps, 11" Blade Diameter.

Stock Number: UM9391-135

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Scotchman CPO 275LT

Model CPO 275LT, 3-3/8" Rd Tube Capacity, 45 Deg. Miter Capabilities, (3) Extra Blades

Stock Number: UM11419-135

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3-3/8"" Scotchman

Stock Number: UW4160-135

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