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Rolls, Hand Operated, Manual

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Rolls, Hand Operated, Manual

Manual roll, hand roll, manually operated 3 rolls and initial pinch slip rolls.

Harbor Freight Bench Wire

Hand Roll

Stock Number: UM9044-131

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14 Ga. X 60"" Niagara

Stock Number: UW4083-131

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22 Ga. x 36" Pexto Slip Roll

Model No. 381

Stock Number: UM11444-131

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30" Closed End Slip Roll

Closed End Manual Slip Roll

Stock Number: UM11766-131

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14 Ga x 36" RM Manual Roll

16 Ga x 36" Slip Roll

Stock Number: UM11655-131

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16 ga x 48" Tennsmith Slip Roll

Model SR48 Slip Roll

Stock Number: UM11442-131

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16 Ga x 48" Tennsmith Slip Roll

Model SR48, open end, mounted on stand with casters.

Stock Number: UM11599-131

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