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Pinspotters commonly used in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning or HVAC Industry weld pins through duct liner to provide secure fastening of duct liner to galvanized duct work.

4' Duro Dyne FG-1

Model FG-1, 4' Throat. PP-2 Power Unit.

Stock Number: UM11548-118

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Duro Dyne Rolling Head

5' Throat

Stock Number: UM11724-118

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Duro Dyne Rolling Head Pinspotter

Stock Number: UK8079-118

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Duro Dyne MFPT

Compact (Portable) PInspotter. Welds pins onto ductwork up to 24 ga. Includes Gun and Ground Cable.

Stock Number: UM11734-118

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Duro Dyne FG1

Model FG1, 5' Throat

Stock Number: UM11530-118

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5' Duro Dyne RH

Model RH, 5' Throat

Stock Number: UM11751-118

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Duro Dyne FG1 Mach II

Model FG1 Mach II, Air Operated.

Stock Number: UM11819-118

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Duro Dyne PBFS-14

Model PBFS-14 Portable Pinspotter

Stock Number: UM11531-118

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Duro Dyne PBFS Mark II

Stock Number: UM11679-118

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