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Fixed angle notchers and variable angle notchers used on sheet metal to make corner notches, angular or v-shaped cuts.

27 Ga. to 7 Ga. Profab No. 900

Profab by Roper Whitney Model No. 900 Corner Radius Machine

Stock Number: UM9403-117

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3/16" Euromac No. 220 6VA Variable Angle

Model 220 / 6VA Variable Angle Notcher, 30 deg to 140 deg independent blades, variable cutting angles

Stock Number: UM10828-117

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Roper Whitney No. 911 Radius Master

Model 911 with 11 Radii from 1/8" - 1"

Stock Number: UM11672-117

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7.87"" x 7.87"" x 5/32"" Promecam

Model Versa 204

Stock Number: UW3540-117

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Amada CSW-250 Notcher

Stock Number: UW4283-117

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120" Berry No. 610-SC Combination

(SALE PENDING) Model No. 610-SC Combination Machine, (5) SD heads, (3) TDC heads

Stock Number: UM11848-117

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8 Ga x 9.25" x 9.25" Tennsmith No. PN-9

Model PN-9 Hydraulic Notcher, Electric Foot Trip, Stroke Adjustment Control.

Stock Number: UM11864-117

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16' Ga. x 10' Lockformer No. 16 Speed

Model 16, (5) Slip and Drive heads, (3) TDC heads, Electric Foot Switch

Stock Number: UM11871-117

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Stock Number: UI2302-117

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Engle Edgenotcher*

Stock Number: UK8092-117

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20 Ga Engel No. Edgenotcher M-750

Model Edgenotcher M-750, Slot Blade

Stock Number: UM11754-117

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18 Ga Engel No. Edgenotcher M-1250

Model M-1250

Stock Number: UM11755-117

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Manual Drive Cleat Notcher

Manual Cleat Notcher

Stock Number: UM2222-117

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16 Ga Lockformer Speednotch

10' Hydraulic Speednotch Duct Notcher, 5 Heads

Stock Number: UM8144-117

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16 Ga x 10' Lockformer*

Stock Number: UK7981-117S

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16 Ga x 10' Lockformer (V Notch)

Hydraulic Duct "V" Notcher

Stock Number: UM11532-117

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16 Ga x 10' Lockformer Speednotch No. 16

Model No. 16, (5) Slip and Drive Heads (LH,V,V,V,RH)

Stock Number: UM11896-117

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18 Ga. x 10' Engel

Air Duct Notcher, 5 heads

Stock Number: UW3105-117

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Ruoff Notcher

With Slot Punch & Die Pattern (without feed mechanism)

Stock Number: UW3126-117

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16 Ga Ruoff Notcher (V Notch)

16 ga. Power Notcher for HVAC with "V" Notch Blade

Stock Number: UM11665-117

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16 Ga Ruoff Notcher (U Slot)

16 ga. Power Notcher for HVAC with "U" Slot Blades

Stock Number: UM2251-117

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