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Standard and custom roll forming equipment used to form the perimeter edges of various material types and shapes commonly used in the HVAC industry. Also available for tank heads and tube flanging.

5/8" Blue Valley Flanger # 6

Off-site (Ship Point in WI)

Stock Number: UK7957-111S

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22 Ga Lockformer Flanger

Stock Number: UK7984-111S

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20Ga Lockformer Easy Edger

Stock Number: UM11640-111

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20 Ga Lockformer Easy Edger

Easy Edger

Stock Number: UM11471-111

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16 Ga. Lockformer

Stock Number: UW4133-111

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16 Ga Lockformer Power Flanger

Model 16 Auto-Guide Power Flanger

Stock Number: UM11536-111

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16 Ga. Flagler Power Flanger

Model 16 Power Flanger

Stock Number: UM11528-111

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Lockformer Easy Edger

Stock Number: UK7996-111

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Flagler Easy Edger

Stock Number: UK8030-111

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