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Finishing/Deburring/Grinding/Sanding Machines

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Finishing/Deburring/Grinding/Sanding Machines

Various styles of machines used to sand, finish, tumble, deburr and grind a large variety of material types, sizes and shapes.

Alias Names:
Belt Grinders
Pedestal Grinders
Shot Blasters
Vibratory Finishers

18" Midwest Sandright

Model No.: D-18 "Sidewinder Series" Multi-Directional Wet Deburring & Finishing Machine

Stock Number: UW3492-110

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0.787" X 59" LISSMAC

Model SBM-B 1500 Oxide Removal Machine, new in 2007

Stock Number: UM10972-110C

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39" Lissmac

Stock Number: UW4011-110

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24" Amada

Model IBT-610, Wet/Dry Deburring Machine

Stock Number: UI2113-110

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Cuda Aqueous Parts Washer (113 gallon)

Model H2O-3648, Heater & Oil Skimmer. Off-Site (MN). Call your Gladwin Salesman or Adam Hegedus at (763) 226-8269.

Stock Number: UM11467-110C

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37" Timesavers

Stock Number: UW4019-110

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9" Timesavers Dry, Model 960-1MD

Model 960-1MD, Single Head Dry, with Dust Collector.

Stock Number: UM11458-110C

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1/4" x 4' Falls Edge D-Bur-R

Model 121, deburrs top & bottom edges in one pass. Up to 1/4" Thick, 4' W, up to 10' L (or more) capacity.

Stock Number: UM9017-110

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1/4" Thick X 4' Wide Falls Edge D-Bur-R

Stock Number: UW3932-110

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1/4" x 4' Falls Edge D-Bur-R

Model 131, deburrs top & bottom edges & smooths vertical edges of shaker parts in one pass! Up to 4' wide, up to 10' long.

Stock Number: UM10984-110

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1/4" x 4' Falls Edge D-Bur-R

Model 111

Stock Number: UI2114-110

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52" SlipCon Metal Working Sander

Model Perfection DDBB-1350-MW

Stock Number: UK7759-110

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36" X 75" Burlington

Stock Number: UW4029-110S

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