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Coil Reels/Cradles/Uncoilers

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Coil Reels/Cradles/Uncoilers

Motorized and nonmotorized coil reels, coil cradles, and uncoilers utilizing single spindle and double spindle systems commonly used in metal stamping and blanking processes.

150 lb. P/A Industries

Model No. SRA150D with Forward and Reverse. 1" diameter shank

Stock Number: UM8448-108S

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500 lb. Rapid Air

Model No. R56FPE, 8" wide, 36" diameter. 1-3/4" fixed center shaft

Stock Number: UM9293-108

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600 lb. Durant Double End

Model DDSC-1 unmotorized double stock reel, 6" - 24" I.D., 44" Max. O.D.

Stock Number: UM10076-108

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4000lb. Cap American Steel Coil Reel

Stock Number: UM11539-108

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