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14 Ga Spiral-Helix Model 200-H Spiral Duct Machine

Category: Spiral Machines
Stock Number: UM11486-169

ON HOLD! Model Helix 200-H. P.O.R. - call your Gladwin Salesman or David Gladwin (612.483.1745).

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General Specifications:
Type Spiral Duct - Automatic Tubeforming Machine
Pricing Please call your Gladwin salesman or David Gladwin (612.483.1745) for pricing.
Model No. Helix 200-H
Diameter Range 3"-100"
Maximum Strip Speed 255 FPM
Maximum Thickness 14 gauge (0.0730")
Drive System Single
Electrics 440V/3-Ph
Serial No. 18148-04

Additional Information:
Includes (2) 10' Run-off Tables w/ receiving ramps & automatic discharge mechanism for cut tubes up to 20' length.
Form Roll Unit No. 1A for 30-26 ga. (0.0150" to 0.0217"),
Form Roll Unit No. 2 for 26-24 ga. (0.0218" to 0.0320"),
Form Roll Unit No. 3 for 22-20 ga. (0.0321" to 0.0400"),
Form Roll Unit No. 4 for 20-18 ga. (0.0401" to 0.0516"),
Form Roll Unit No. 5 for 18-16 ga. (0.0517" to 0.0650"),
Form Roll Unit No. 6 for 16-14 ga. (0.0651" to 0.0730"),
Vertical Decoiler for 19" I.D. Coil (maximum 2,000 lbs. capacity),
Flying Slitter cuts spiral tubes to length without gas, noise, fumes, & sparks - without the need for ventilation.
No diameter tooling included.
Price on request. Please call your Gladwin Salesman or David Gladwin (612.483.1745).