Baileigh Programmable Tube & Pipe Bender

Category: Tube/Pipe Benders
Stock Number: UM11464-102

Model RDB-325, 2" Mild Steel Schedule 80 Pipe capacity. P.O.R. Call your Gladwin salesman or Dan Gladwin (612.298.9966)

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General Specifications:
Type Programmable Tube & Pipe Bender
Model No. RDB-325
Minimum CLR .5"
Minimum OD .25"
Mild Steel Solid Rod 1.25"
Mild Steel Pipe Schedule 80 2"
Mild Steel Round Tube Wall 3" (.095)
Mild Steel Square Tube (Wall) 2" (.125)
Stainless Steel Pipe Schedule 40 2"
Stainless Steel Round Tube Wall 3" (.095)
Chromolly Round Tube Wall 3" (.083)
Aluminum Round Tube Wall 3" (.203)
Maximum Center Line Radius Clr 16.5"
Shipping Dimensions Approx. (L x W x H) 60" x 44" x 77"
Shipping Weight Approx. (Lbs.) 1,100
Electrics 220V/1-Ph
Serial No. 37897311

Additional Information:
Includes Touch Screen Control, Holds 170 Programs & Up to 10 Bends per Program,
Hands Free Foot Trip Operation, Large Assortment of Tooling.
Price on Request. Please call your Gladwin salesman or Dan Gladwin (612.298.9966) for pricing.