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Schroder Group

Schroder Group

Schroeder Group of Wessobrunn, Germany, a world leader in the manufacture of folding equipment, understands how critical it is to be as efficient in a process as possible. They employ this in the manufacturing and engineering concepts that form the baseline for how they design their folding equipment.

The Schroeder Group represents the combined technologies of Fasti, a manufacturer with a reputation for unmatched performance capabilities in folding heavy gauge metal, and Schroeder Maschinenbau, well known for metal folders so advanced, they make even the most demanding forming jobs seem simple. In 2005, Schroeder purchased Fasti, and the combination of strength and smarts triggered a wave of product development forever changing the industry definitions of what a precision folder can do.

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  • Folding machines and power leaf brakes using CNC technology commonly used to reduce labor and material handling by having the material supported by the back gauge. Offers straight tooling and box and pan tooling commonly used in the roofing industry, heating ventilation and air conditioning, sign industry, and other industrial applications