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When it comes to press-brakes and shears for sheet metal, Safan is the specialist among manufacturers of sheet-working machines. It is a flexible organization with unique know-how and expertise in the fields of press-braking, cutting and handling thin sheet metal.

Thanks to innovative, client-specific solutions, Safan enables its clients to stand out through higher efficiency, lower production costs, better ergonomics and responsible ecological practices.

Electronic technology, such as that applied in the ground-breaking servo-electronic SAFAN E Brake, lies at the core of innovative product development.  Safan presents its distinctive vision with the theme:"The E-volution in sheet-metal working".

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  • Press Brakes that use a combination of hydraulics and electronics, Electric Press Brake, Electric Brake Press, Electric Brake

  • See Also: Shears, Mechanical and Air Squaring

    Hydraulic Shears used for cutting all types of steel, stainless, and aluminum material. Material ranges from gauge material to heavy plate. High speed blank processing is achieved by adding CNC front gauges and CNC back gauges. Conveyor stackers add to productivity

  • Press Brake Tooling (punches and dies), quick change tooling, CNC Back Gauges, Crowning Systems (to eliminate shimming), and Accessories assure accurate bends.