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Scotchman Metal Fabricating Solutions

Scotchman Metal Fabricating Solutions

  • Made in the USA since 1966
  • Manufacturer of ironworkers, cold saws, band saws, feed systems, and wide flat bar shears
  • Largest Supplier of Ironworkers and Cold Saws in the US
  • Best in the Business 3-Year Warranty
  • Simple to use and dependable

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  • Ironworkers: Mechanical and Hydraulic stand alone ironworkers perform multiple processes i.e. punching, shearing, braking, and notching on a wide variety of material types and shapes including sheet, plate, tube, pipe angles and channels.

  • Saws that can be used for the cutting of both ferrous and non-ferrous material. Cold saws use low and high rpm high speed steel and carbide blades to remove material, while abrasive saws and frictions saws use high speed abrasive or small toothed blades to heat the material and remove it from the cut.