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SigmaTEK Systems. LLC

SigmaTEK Systems. LLC

  • Powerful Nesting Software for all major profile cutting and punching machines
  • Software Solutions for CNC Punching, CNC Bending, CNC Profiling, and Nesting
  • Maximize material yield with tighter nests
  • Optimize machine run time with faster cutting paths
  • Experience the power of SigmaNest X1 on Windows 10 or later!

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  • Laser Cutting technology uses a high output laser to melt, burn, vaporize or blow away material. FIBER, CO2, Fast Axial Flow and Slow Axial Flow lasers in both DC Excited and RF Excited versions are common. Various Wattage Lasers in Flying Optic and Hybrid designs are used in 2D & 3D metal cutting applications.

  • CNC sheet metal punching machines employ the use of a computerized control and turret housing several punching tools. Provides automatic punching, forming and in some cases laser punching of parts.

  • Programming software used to enhance productivity and efficiency including CAD/CAM, nesting software, and post processors for most brands of lasers, turrets, plasma cuttings systems and press brakes.