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Automation Solutions

Category: Lasers and Accessories
Manufacturer: Mazak

Automation Systems will extend the throughput capacity of your laser-cutting machines

Automation systems provide the ability to flex capacity through lights-out operation, without the burden of adding manpower. It also makes one-piece flow more practical, while producing short-run efficiencies that will reduce non value-added fabricating time. The bottom line is typically up to a 50% increase in capacity as compared to standalone machines and a significant reduction in lead times.

Mazak was the first manufacturer to introduce laser cutting machines into a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). Today we offer the following systems:

  • Compact load/unload
  • Vertical flexible manufacturing
  • Linear automation systems
  • Automated storage/retrieval 
More information can be found on the Mazak web-site.  Options include: Quick Cell, Extensible Manugacturing Cell, M-Series, K-Series, L-Series, C-Series, Laser Flex, Automated Storage/Retrieval and Additional Productivity Solutions.

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