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Shears, Foot & Manual

Hand shears or foot shears are manually operated. Commonly referred to as stomp shears or lever shears, they can be used to shear light gauge metal economically.

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    • Family Owned Manufacturing Company founded in 1977
    • USA Manufacturer producing 30 Quality Machine Models
    • Manufacturer of shears, hand brakes, and power rolls
    • Made in the USA
    • Nearly 100 Years of Manufacturing Sheet Metal Equipment
    • Headquartered in Rockford, IL
    • Trusted Brands like Roper Whitney, Connecticut and Pexto
    • Family Owned Manufacturing Company founded in 1928
    • Most complete line of American Made Sheet Metal Machinery in the Market
    • Lines include CNC Folders, Hand Brakes, Shears, Rolls, Notchers & Rotary Machines
    • 3-year Factory Warranty