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Press Brake Accessories, Tooling, CNC Gauges, etc

Press Brake Tooling (punches and dies), quick change tooling, CNC Back Gauges, Crowning Systems (to eliminate shimming), and Accessories assure accurate bends.

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    • Manufactured in the USA in Waltham, MA for over 40 Years
    • Manufactures and Sells Computerized Gauging Systems
    • Industry Leader in Retro Fit Backgauge Systems for Press Brakes
    • Over 10,000 Systems Installed in the USA and 20 Countries Abroad
    • Manufactured in Crestwood, IL
    • Providing Standard, European-Style and Custom Press Brake Tooling
    • Committed to Complete Customer Satisfaction
    • Manufactured in Chicago, IL
    • Providing Standard, European-Style and Custom Press Brake Tooling
    • Quality Work, Honest Service, Exceptional Quality
    • Standard Product Line Available from 2-24 Foot Lengths.
    • The leader in CAD/CAM nesting solutions for the sheet metal industry
    • Focuses on profile cutting, punching, bending, and multi-axis applications
    • MetaCAM supports CNC lasers, plasmas, water jets, oxyfuel torches, turret punch presses, and routers
    • Founded in 1996 by a group of industry professionals
    • Manufactured in Illinois
    • Provides Standard, WILA Tang, European-Style and Custom Press Brake Tooling
  • R-K
    • Manufactured in Alsip, IL for over 30 Years
    • Providing Standard, European-Style and Custom Press Brake Tooling
    • The Worlds Most Powerful Sheet Metal CAD/CAM System
    • Software Solutions for CNC Punching, CNC Bending, CNC Profiling, and Nesting
    • One Solution to Power Your Whole Shop
    • Largest supplier of design and manufacturing software solutions for metalworking, woodworking and stone cutting industries
    • Enable customers to improve productivity of machine tools, shorten design and manufacturing time, optimize material usage, and deliver high quality goods and services to their customer
    • Offering Radan, Jobshop, Edgecam, Cabinetware, Cabinet Vision, Alphacam
  • When it comes to press-brakes and shears for sheet metal, Safan is the specialist among manufacturers of sheet-working machines. It is a flexible organization with unique know-how and expertise in the fields of press-braking, cutting and handling thin sheet metal.

    Thanks to innovative, client-specific solutions, Safan enables its clients to stand out through higher efficiency, lower production costs, better ergonomics and responsible ecological practices.

    Electronic technology, such as that applied in the ground-breaking servo-electronic SAFAN E Brake, lies at the core of innovative product development.  Safan presents its distinctive vision with the theme:"The E-volution in sheet-metal working".

    • Manufactured in Mokena, IL for 14 Years
    • Providing Standard, European-Style and Custom Press Brake Tooling
    • High Precision at Reasonable Prices
    • Longest Capacity Machining Capability in the Industry
    • Manufactured in Holland for over 100 Years
    • Highest Level of Precision Press Brake Tooling in the World
    • Products include Press Brake Tooling, Crowning and Clamping Systems
    • American, European and New Standard Wila Tooling
    • Globally Recognized Trend Setter in High Quality Tools to Optimize Productivity
    • Gladwin Machinery is a WILA AUTHORIZED SERVICE PARTNER