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Tube/Pipe Fabrication // Watts-Mueller

2-Axis CNC Pipe Cutting Machines

W-122  |  W-242  |  W-362

These are 2-Axis CNC pipe cutting and beveling machines capable of cutting from 2" to 36" diameter pipe on beds from 20' to 50' long. The W-242 and W-362 machine beds can hold up...

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6-Axis CNC Pipe Cutting Machines

W-124  |  W-244  |  W-364

These are the original Watts 6-axis 3D pipe cutting machines with a profiling carriage on precision machined and hardened track. Simultaneous motion maintains the torch cutting position...

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6-Axis Compact Pipe Cutting Machine & Retrofits

WM-24  |  WM-36


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6-Axis Pipe Cutting Machines - WM Classic

WM-48  |  WM-60  |  WM-72

The WM Classic Series thermal 3D profile cutting machines are 6-axis machines for pipes from 3 inches up to 72 inches in diameter. These machines can use plasma and/or...

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LPSC Manual Cutting Machines

W-116 and W-132

The W-116 and the W-132 LPSC (Long Pipe Straight Cutter) Machines are capable of cutting from 1 1/2" to 32" diameter pipe up to 20' long. (Additional lengths are available based on your...

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MO Heavy-Duty Vessel Cutting Machines

MO-100  |  MO-120  |  MO-160  |  MO-Domes

MO Heavy-Duty machines are robust cutting machines for large and heavy pipe. For large diameter round pipes and dished ends up to 160" in diameter and 40...

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MO Robo Series Beam Cutting Machines

MO-9  |  MO-200

The MO Robo Series machines are robust, robot-controlled beam cutting machines. These machines cut H, U, L and I beams and are also capable of cutting round pipe, square and rectangular...

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Software - 3D-Profile Plus for CNC plasma pipe cutters

Comprehensive Software for Process-Oriented Production
Shorter production time and lower costs = Increased Productivity

This software solutions for machines and processes make the production workflow for our customers more...

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