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Tube/Pipe Fabrication

Machines for the tube fabrication and pipe fabrication industry to include 3D laser cutting and 3D plasma cutting machines, handrail notchers, tube end formers, tube finishers, swagers and tube punching

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    • Oldest power tool company in the world, founded in 1867
    • High end power tool company in the automotive, interior, and metal segments
    • German engineering, design and production
    • 500 patents and distribution in 40 countries
    • Wide variety of products offered
  • HGG

    HGG is the leading supplier of CNC pipe cutting machines and robot profile cutting lines for coping beams and hollow sections. The machines are sold worldwide to major companies in the Offshore, Steel Construction, Process Piping, Shipbuilding and other industries. HGG supplies a wide range of innovative and high quality CNC cutting machines for profiling complex bevelled edges and 3D profiles, drastically reducing cutting, fitting, grinding and welding time.

    • Building Saws Since 1945 in Italy
    • US Distribution and Service in California
    • Suppliers of Tube Benders, Band Saws and Cold Saws
    • ISO 9001:2000 Certification
    • Eliminates up to 80% of labor on pressure vessels, process piping or AWS Structural vs conventional methods
    • Pipe and tube diameters from 1.375" to 10'
    • Auto nesting for maximum pipe utilization
    • Available in up to 7 axis with plasma or oxy fuel
    • Made in the USA for 75 years
    • The leader in tubular part fabrication
    • Tools that notch tubes to mate at 90° & other angles
    • ·         Tools that cut & pierce tubes with no deformation