Mach 2

Category: Waterjet Tables
Manufacturer: Flow

The Mach 2 Series is the classic abrasive waterjet. Not only does it outperform the standard waterjet offerings in the industry, but it consistently wins in VALUE as well. What’s even more important is making sure you don’t sacrifice performance, structural integrity, and quality of your system. With robust mechanical design, integrated machine systems, intuitive user control, multiple sizes, and several configurations available, the Mach 2 Series sets you up for success.

When you are looking for the waterjet that exceeds your expectations, the Mach 2 Series is the ideal machine.


The Mach 2 Series comes standard with our field-proven JetPlex 3,800 bar (55,000 psi) pump featuring our exclusive Pac-V technology. This pump offers you cost-effective and efficient operation of our waterjet system. The environmentally friendly design of the JetPlex does not require additional water or power to cool the pump. And our patented Pac-V technology gives you automatic pressure control. It uses cone aperture technology to automatically maintain a true pressure signal, regardless of the orifice size or pressure setting. This makes our JetPlex pump very easy to use and less maintenance intensive than other brands of pumps. Flow also offers optional intensifier pumps up to 4,150 bar (60,000 psi).

For the reliability and performance you need, innovative Flow pumps are the industry standard that will deliver.


FlowMaster, Flow’s unique intelligent waterjet control software, will compliment your Mach 2 Series waterjet. The FlowMaster Windows-based machine control is intuitively designed and easy to learn. All parameters necessary for cutting different materials and material thicknesses are available in a technology database. Standard drawing formats (.DXF, .IGES, etc.) can easily be imported and processed in minutes. With the integrated CAD module, drawings and finished programs can be prepared directly in FlowMaster. No specialized knowledge of CNC programming or waterjet machining is required.

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