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Plasma Table/Combo/CNC // Lockformer

Vulcan® 1000D

As an industry-focused machinery manufacturer, our mission is to deliver the latest designs in plasma cutting system technology better than anyone else. The innovative Vulcan® 1000D, whose revised features incorporate almost 20 years of...

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Vulcan® 1600 WaterJet

The Vulcan® 1600 WJ is designed with traditional Lockformer® quality and reliability, to eliminate the duct liner bottleneck in your shop while reducing the labor associated with this process.


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Vulcan® 2900

Lockformer®'s Vulcan® Plasma Cutting Systems are cost-effective, high-precision alternatives to laser cutting systems. Typically used on materials up to 3/8" thick, Vulcan® Plasma Cutting Systems deliver the highest quality cuts in the...

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Vulcan® 2900 Double Table

Increase productivity with the Vulcan® 2900 Double Table. For higher productivity applications, look no further than the Vulcan® 2900 Double Table. Offering all the same features, build, quality and cutting power as the Vulcan® 2900, the...

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Vulcan® 3100D

The Vulcan® 3100D is used in manufacturing applications for cutting sheet metal up to 60  x 120  and 1/2  thick. With its heavy-duty, welded-steel construction, precision linear bearings and dual-side rack-and-pinion gear...

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