HSFDB 2500

Category: Plasma Table/Combo/CNC
Manufacturer: Peddinghaus

The High Speed FDB-2500

With features that include a traveling rotary tool changer, 48 HP (36 kW) spindle motor, and Smart Spindle technology, the Peddinghaus HSFDB-2500 is sure to become an irreplaceable part of any fabricators' high-speed drilling, tapping, countersinking, thermal cutting, and part marking process.

High Speed Carbide Drilling

The HSFDB-2500 brings a whole new meaning to high-speed carbide plate processing. Need a machine that can boost profits and lower process times? The Siemens spindle-specific 48 HP (36 kW) motor boasts an impressive 2250 RPM spindle speed. Combine that with a Minimum Quantity Lubricant system that eliminates the need to clean materials before welding, painting, or any other processes, and your shop's efficiency will reach a new level.

Thermal Cutting

With this machine, you can expect thermal cutting of multiple shapes without wasteful scrap. Fully compatible with many of today’s modern nesting technologies, the HSFDB utilizes both an Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting system for the speed and functionality you demand from your investment.

Signo-Script technology

The time-tested effectiveness of Signo-Script technology proves that, at multiple orientations and depths, you can count on clear part designation.

Multi-Functional Drill Spindle

Fully automated high speed carbide drilling, tapping, countersinking, part marking, and thermal cutting all in one place opens doors where expensive and unpredictable manual processes close them. Get the most out of your labor force with Peddinghaus technology.

Parts Nesting Software

Worried about the price of steel? Want to cut down on scrap and save on consumable costs? The HSFDB is compatible with many modern nesting software technologies and utilizes a practice called "common cutline" which will prolong valuable consumable life.

Laser Material Dimensioning

Automated material dimensioning is made possible by a laser that determines mill tolerance deviation and the leading/non datum edge of the material.

Smart Spindle Technology

The HSFDB is programmed to know the exact length of its tooling, ensuring proper selection and producing all of the necessary measurements for Smart Spindle Technology. Lower process times increase your shop’s efficiency by eliminating the unnecessary drilling of air.

Traveling Rotary Tool Changer

The High Speed FDB-2500 brings speed, precision, and efficiency to an industry benchmark. Peddinghaus designed the HSFDB-2500 in a way that accommodates 8 different tools. The rotary tool changer travels along the spindle assembly’s full range of movement, eliminating the inefficient need to return to a tool changing station.

Eco-Friendly Tool Lube System

The Eco-Friendly Minimum Quantity Tool Lube system utilizes an environmentally-safe, vegetable oil-based coolant in very miniscule amounts. During operation, the system creates a coolant mixture of about 95% air and 5 % vegetable oil-based coolant. Precision coolant distribution leaves the machine dry, eliminating the need for cleaning materials and dramatically reducing cleanup costs in your shop.

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