APS 2063

Category: Beam Punch Lines
Manufacturer: Peddinghaus

The APS-2063 Towermaster

The Peddinghaus APS 2063 is the paramount tower manufacturing machine for fabricating heavy sections of angle iron in today's infrastructure market. One operator can successfully process sections up to 60 ft. long continuously without ever leaving the control panel. Simply load the material staging system and the 2063 will do the rest!

Powerful Single Cut Shear

The Peddinghaus APS-2063 Towermaster utilizes a powerful 506 (459 metric) ton single cut shear that is able to handle the thickest of sections without creating wasteful scrap.

Signomat Marking Press

The Signomat Marking Press delivers legible part identification in seconds – suitable for painting and galvanizing – and is able to hold over 30 characters.

Unique Punch/Stripper Orientation

Three hole diameters can be processed in seconds on each leg of the angle. A massive 112 ton hydraulic press powers the triple tool mechanism to process angle iron Ranging from 1 ½ x 1 ½ x1/8” (40x40x3 mm) – up to 8x8x1" (200x200x25 mm)

Single Pass Process

The CNC control station gives one operator the ability to operate a true one pass process. Material handling and exit side bin unloading all can be controlled with the flip of a switch on the Towermaster.

Clear Part Marking

The fast and effective Signomat marking press delivers clear part marking of multiple characters every time.

Automated Part Unloading

The Peddinghaus APS-2063 Towermaster comes complete with an automated part unloading system. The operator has the ability to decide what bins the parts are dumped into in order to keep an organized and efficient job oriented operation.

The One and Only TOWERMASTER

The Towermaster is designed specifically for high speed heavy angle processing particularly in the tower manufacturing and fabrication industry.

Get Stimulated!

With billions of dollars worth of infrastructure projects being proposed the Towermaster offers fabricators the competitive edge needed to win big bids in today's market.

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