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Beam Punch Lines // Peddinghaus


Process 12 x1" plate AND 8 x 8 x 3/4" angle in one machine! Deliver parts for Just In Time fabrication ahead of schedule. The single cut shear on the Peddinghaus Angle line minimizes scrap and material handling. Double punch capability allows...

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Utilizing a rugged roller measurement system, triple tool punch press, powerful shear, and unique revolving punch mechanism the Peddinghaus Revolution Anglemaster is capable of punching and shearing angle and plate as well as punching channel...

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AFPS 643

The High Speed Cost Cutting Solution to Angle Processing

The Anglemaster 643/Q allows for high speed production of angle components utilizing a powerful single cut shear, 2 different tool sizes per leg of angle, and...

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APS 2063

The APS-2063 Towermaster

The Peddinghaus APS 2063 is the paramount tower manufacturing machine for fabricating heavy sections of angle iron in today's infrastructure market. One operator can successfully process...

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