Category: Beam Drill Lines, CNC
Manufacturer: Peddinghaus

The Peddinghaus ADVANTAGE 2

The ADVANTAGE 2 drill line introduces a combination of Peddinghaus' patented technology such as Smart Spindle breakthrough detection and roller feed measurement with new 5 station tool changers and lead screw technology. Never before has a combination of technology like this come together in the structural steel fabrication industry.

Three Powerful Drill Spindles

The powerful Siemens 25 HP (18.5 kW) Spindle Specific Motors and direct drive design make for an impressive 2250 RPM drilling speed. Capable of using Carbide, High Speed Steel Inserts, or Twist Drill Tooling the ADVANTAGE 2 Drill line proves to be both efficient and versatile for any machine tool requirement.

Five Station Tool Changers

Each of the three spindle axes on the ADVANTAGE 2 come fully equipped with 5 station automatic tool changers. Automatic tool changing on the ADVANTAGE 2 eliminates the need to manually switch tool sizes during operation or enter the machine operating area. Keep sharpened tooling and additional sizes available throughout production and change automatically when needed on the ADVANTAGE 2.

Multi-Axis Scribing

Capable of scribing in each of the three spindle axes; an available carbide scribing tool is placed into the automatic tool changer and selected by the machine when scribing is called for in a program. The ADVANTAGE 2 is capable of scribing any character or shape in multiple orientations and depths on any of the three spindle surfaces.

Roller feed Material Handling

Roller measurement with automatic height control makes for paramount accuracy and unmatched versatility. Start your conveyors outside unprotected in any climate to free shop space for other processes such as welding and fit-up.

Fixed Lead Screw Motion

Powerful Siemens servo motors paired with a robust fixed lead screw make for a winning combination on the ADVANTAGE 2. Rotating positioning nuts on each of the spindles are the source of motion for each drill axis.

Dual Horizontal Clamping and Vertical Hold Downs

In order to prevent excessive vibration and potential damage to carbide tooling the ADVANTAGE 2 Drill Line utilizes an industry groundbreaking vertical hold down design, dual horizontal clamping system, and robust roller support infrastructure. The angular vertical hold downs actually hold the flanges in place when the powerful drill spindle comes into contact with them at high feed rates.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication System

Ecologically friendly minimum quantity lubrication is employed on the new ADVANTAGE 2 drill line. This vegetable oil based lubricant can utilize as little as 5% solution to 95% air when drilling. Parts come off the machine nearly dry and ready for the next operation whether it is welding or painting without the need for excessive cleanup operations

Place Material Handling Outside in ANY Climate

Whether you are located in the far reaches of Northern Canada or ride the equator in Brazil, the robust design and rugged engineering of Peddinghaus material handling can withstand it all. By eliminating the need for a gripper carriage no shelter is needed to protect material handling from the elements. Free up space within your shop by storing material and conveyors outside in the yard and easily load with a fork truck instead of a crane.

Peddiflex3D Software – The Latest in Software Innovation

Peddiflex-3D is the latest software innovation to come to structural steel and combines an intuitive 3D graphic environment with the most recent in management solutions and information technology. Available for the first time on the ADVANTAGE 2 Drill Line, Peddiflex-3D boasts automatic parts batching, Inventory Management, Part Process Simulation, Production Reporting, and full integration with today’s structural software tools.

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