Category: Beam Drill Lines, CNC
Manufacturer: Peddinghaus

The Beam Drill Line (BDL) 1250 is "The Workhorse" of the Peddinghaus Beam Drill Line stable, with 9 spindle efficiency. Peddinghaus Beam Drill Line customers report exceptional accuracy with productivity levels exceeding over 40,000 tons annually, based on product mix.

Smart Spindle

Peddinghaus’ Smart Spindle Technology was developed to eliminate any guesswork in the drilling of structural steel sections. Such drilling essentials as RPM, feed rate, break-through, return, etc., are identified for fully automated spindle operation. However, the machine operator can make small adjustments to maximize the drilling speed and tool life.

Peddinghaus Accuracy

Setting the benchmark for over 100 years of accuracy and reliability proven by any major structural project. Laser referencing, even for the most pronounced miter sections, insures pinpoint accuracy.

Rollerfeed Measuring

Minimize inventory and increase through put by loading material outside your shop. Roller feed technology provides more benefits over measuring carriage systems including: flexible material flow, reduced maintenance, no lost cycle time to clamp and unclamp, continual processing speed, and no problems associated with coped or cambered sections.

Integrated Carbide Marking

The integrated Signoscript carbide marking system provides legible part identification.

Automated in the DSTV and DXF import process mark your parts quickly and easily." This automated marking process eliminates those handwritten headaches."

Material Handling

Peddinghaus has designed and manufactured material handling systems for structural steel shop installations for the past five decades. A cost-effective shop layout can be custom designed for your specific tonnage and in the future.

Seamless CNC Integration

Fully compatible with all major software detailing packings and modeling programs; This allows you to import DSTV or DXF files from 2D and 3D software modeling applications like Autocad, Strucad, Tekla, Design Data, AceCad and similar applications.

Siemens CNC Control

The powerful Siemens 840DI is a true CNC control with a PC interface, not only insures your daily operation, but guarantees today’s PC software technology is at your fingertips.

Peddinghaus and Siemens team up for solid performance and service reliability around the corner or around the world.

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