Category: Beam Drill Lines, CNC
Manufacturer: Peddinghaus

The Peddinghaus BDL-1250/9D is the latest model in the BDL drill line series. Utilizing innovative technologies that include High Speed Carbide drilling, Increased Clamping Power, Spindle Specific Motors, Minimum Quantity Lubricant system, Central Greasing Unit, Smart Spindle Technology and the new and improved Roller measurement system the BDL-D has set the bar for drill systems the world over.

High Speed Carbide Drilling

At an impressive 1800 rotations per minute the BDL-D beam drill line brings high speed drilling to another level. With the ability to process beams, square tube, angle, and channel stock the BDL-D proves to be yet another versatile drill line in the Peddinghaus line-up.

Increased Material Clamping

In order to prevent dangerous and costly carbide tooling damage, the BDL-D drill line utilizes an improved clamping system that stabilizes material while drilling and even eliminates flex when processing thinner parts. These improvements include: a complete underside support system, 4 vertical axis clamps, increased drive roller surface, z-axis tower brakes, web clamp and a full linear rail braking system.

Patent Pending Smart Spindle II

The BDL-D beam drill line comes standard with the second generation of Smart Spindle technology which utilizes active linear feedback to lower process times and drill beams faster than ever before! This beam drill line monitors motor energy usage to determine the exact time of break-through and eliminates the inefficient drilling of air.

Cutting Edge Software

Peddinghaus' very own software designed specifically for our machines – Peddimat – is fully compatible with modern BIM software programs that can help boost your shops efficiency and save you valuable process time. Working with the industry's top software systems Peddinghaus engineers have designed Peddimat to be able to take parts directly from your modeling program to the Siemens control panel with ease.

Eco-Friendly MQL Coolant

The BDL-D beam line eliminates the need to clean materials before painting, welding, or doing any other processes. It utilizes an eco-friendly Minimum Quantity Lubrication system which eliminates the need to clean materials and remove large amounts of flood coolant Peddinghaus offers it's very own eco-friendly coolant – "Peddi-Cool" – designed for Peddinghaus equipment.

Part/Layout Marking

Signo-Script technology and spindle based layout marks come standard with the BDL-D beam drill line. Eliminate the need to do layout marks manually and increase efficiency, the Peddinghaus way!

Beam Drill Line Greasing System

Save time greasing your machine with the BDL-D's beam line central greasing system. Simply fill the reservoir and let the machine do the rest!

Spindle Specific Motors

Using 25 HP (18.5 kW) Siemens Spindle Specific motors the BDL-D beam line delivers the exact spindle RPM desired no matter what the operating conditions are.

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