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ABCM 1250

Category: Beam Coping, CNC
Manufacturer: Peddinghaus

Fabricators throughout the world are selecting the Peddinghaus CNC Structural Burning System to increase their plant efficiency. In the competitive world of structural steel fabrication, reduction of man-hours per ton is the ultimate challenge.

Our customers acknowledge the vast benefits of using a Peddinghaus CNC Burning System.

Patented Probing System automatically senses mill tolerance deviations and compensates without special programming considerations.

Each flange torch assembly floats automatically during the burning cycle to maintain a fixed dimension from the torch tip to the surface being cut.

Probing flange center line: necessary for automated flange thinning

Multiple Axis positioning permits top and bottom flanges to be cut simultaneously.

Flange Beveling for weld prep is easily achieved with automated pivoting of the torches to the programmed miter position.

Process multiple beams from one stock length by simultaneous coping/cutting of trailing end/lead end.

Effective multiple processing extends your inventory by generating less scrap and enhances just-in-time operation.

Automated roller measuring enables the ABCM 1250 to separate beam lengths quickly and efficiently.

Miter cuts for trusses and roofs achieved in minutes, not hours!

Delivering pinpoint accuracy for 35 years while limiting overhead crane costs.

The measuring disks located on the entry/exit compare the programmed lineal dimension to the actual position, insuring accuracy.

Challenging beam processes such as haunches, compound miters, castellations, and beam splitting are easily addressed by the internal Peddimat drive system.

Multi-torch productivity and rollerfeed flexibility increases throughput capability.

Thermally process all interior mechanical web cuts and holes.

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