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Coil Feeders

Coil Feeders use mechanical pinch rolls, pneumatic pinch rolls, hydraulic pinch rolls, and straightening rolls to feed stamping presses. Servo roll feeds are used in applications requiring unlimited feed lengths.

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  • CWP
    • Leading manufacturer of coil handling equipment
    • Serving the metal working industry for over 50 years
    • One of the top 10 service center equipment brands
    • Manufacturer of coil feeds, straighteners, reels, levelers, pallet decoilers, and coil processing systems
    • Member of the Formtek group
    • Based in Rhode Island for over 60 Years
    • Manufacturer of Coil Handling and Feeding Equipment to 15,000 lbs
    • Finest Quality for the Best Dollar Value
    • Best in Industry 3 Year Warranty