Category: Saws, Horizontal Band
Manufacturer: Baileigh Industrial

Cross Reference Category(s):
Saws, Vertical Band, Saws, Cold, Abrasive and Friction, Conveyors

This horizontal sawing machine hydraulically clamps the material while it is being cut as the feed table and clamping system is positioning for the next cut. This system cuts the material, lifts the cutting bow, feeds out the proper linear amount, clamping it in place as the saw descends for the next cut. The BS-20A automatic bandsaw has a heavy duty in feed and out feed table capable of handling 5000 lbs of material. This metal saw uses a powerful hydraulic linear feed system that is coupled to encoders for extremely precise feeds every time. The feed system also comes standard with a bundling system for feeding multiple bars of stock at the same time. This feature drastically increases production rates for large jobs.