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Presses, Turret, CNC and Accessories

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Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

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Presses, Turret, CNC and Accessories // Murata Machinery USA, Inc.


MURATEC, for the first time in the world, introduced the new servo motor ram drive concept in punch press technology. This technology has resulted in achieving higher productivity and eco-friendly working environment. The servo motor drive makes...

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Magnum 5000

The MAGNUM-5000 is the symbol of MURATEC's pioneering and long established technological excellence with a high reliability in CNC turret punch press design and manufacturing. The MAGNUM-5000 is a heavy-duty mechanical CNC turret punch press...

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Motorum 2558 Hybrid

The 2558 Hybrid uses advanced technology incorporating a high performance CNC control and laser oscillator. This system provides a high quality edge cut using many advanced functions such as a cutting monitor, user friendly laser cutting head...

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Anytime use of needed functions widen the horizon
  • Freedom from tooling limitations
  • All tools Auto-Index type
  • Special turret brings in Process Integration
Muratec meets ever changing production needs...

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