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Fixed angle notchers and variable angle notchers used on sheet metal to make corner notches, angular or v-shaped cuts.

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    • Manufactured in the USA for over 40 years
    • Designs and builds high quality notching equipment at an affordable price
    • Offering single and multiple head notching units
    • Provider of Portable Floor Models and Custom Machines
    • Founded in 1946
    • Manufacturer of stand alone notching machines and manual/CNC punching machines
    • Designed and manufactured in Germany
    • Granted Numerous International Patents and Awards
    • Importing, service, distribution and parts located in Butler, WI
    • Manufacturer of reliable rotary machines at a competitive price
    • Established in 1925
    • Manufacturer of horizontal benders, sheet/plate notchers, and CNC punching equipment
    • Made with the finest most durable components
    • 23 Years of manufacturing metal fabrication machinery
    • Affordable
    • Member of the Formtek group
    • Provides the largest selection of HVAC manufacturing equipment
    • Premier supplier to the sheet metal industry
    • Manufacturer of the Vulcan plasma table
    • Manufacturing quality equipment for over 70 years
    • Family Owned Manufacturing Company founded in 1928
    • Most complete line of American Made Sheet Metal Machinery in the Market
    • Lines include CNC Folders, Hand Brakes, Shears, Rolls, Notchers & Rotary Machines
    • 3-year Factory Warranty