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Rollformers // Lockformer

Auto-Guide Flanger 16-18

This power flanger has the "auto-guide" feature, which automatically controls the forming of a right-angle flange. It will contour and follow any edge, straight or curved. Using the convenient table slot, the operator merely turns up...

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Corner Cadet®

Although the Corner Cadet® is portable and light in weight, it's heavy on performance, automatically inserting and crimping specially designed TDC®/F corners in seconds. In addition to handling virtually every style of duct, the Corner...

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Pittsburgh Lock Model 20

In 1937, we introduced the first truly practical lock forming machine. It significantly cut the time required for making duct and it completely revolutionized the sheet metal working industry.


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Pittsburgh Lock Model 24

Compact and light enough to be taken right to the job, yet cost-effective enough to be a stand-by machine for your shop, this machine is built to deliver heavy-duty service. Ideal for 24 gauge materials or lighter. Place it on a...

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Pittsburgh Lock Models 14-16-18

These powerful performers offer the HVAC industry day-in/day-out service. The 14, 16 or 18 gauge Pittsburgh Lock machines have 7 forming stations with 2 forming positions. One position forms the Pittsburgh Lock, while an auxiliary...

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Rollforming your own sealable flanges on transverse duct ends during the manufacturing process has never been easier. The TDC® flange, formed on the machine's left-hand auxiliary, has unique, snap-on corners that eliminate spot welding....

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TDC® Triplex

The TDC® has been expanded into a tri-plate construction, allowing an optional second inboard profile to be formed. This is especially practical for our international market, where the benefit of 25 mm and 35 mm TDC® II can be produced...

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The NEW TDC® V Rollformer has 12 forming stations and produces TDCT flanges at speeds of up to 50 feet per minute.

Famous Lockformer® quality construction with an industrial motor; high precision bearings; heavy...

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