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Edwards Manufacturing Company

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Ironworkers // Edwards Manufacturing Company

100 Ton Deluxe Ironworker

Edwards Deluxe 100 Ton Ironworker has 5 available stations, built-in rod shear for square and round, electric foot pedal, electric stroke standard, 18" bar shear and is both quiet and powerful.

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55 Ton "Jaws IV" Ironworker

Edwards' best selling ironworker with 4 available stations and universal open tooling station. Features include: oversized punching assembly; coper notcher; angler notcher; pipe notcher; brake; multi-shear; rod shear; 241 punch assembly; back...

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New 2010 40 Ton Ironworker

The 40 Ton is the shopmate of the Edwards Ironworker product line. Featuring four available workstations, the 40 Ton incorporates a universal open tooling cavity, 10

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