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Finishing/Deburring/Grinding/Sanding Machines

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Finishing/Deburring/Grinding/Sanding Machines

Various styles of machines used to sand, finish, tumble, deburr and grind a large variety of material types, sizes and shapes.

Alias Names:
Belt Grinders
Pedestal Grinders
Shot Blasters
Vibratory Finishers

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    • Manufacturer of belt grinders, disc grinders, vibratory equipment, and polishers
    • Over 50 Years of manufacturing experience
    • Made in the USA
    • Over 50 years of sheet metal experience
    • 5 models to choose from
    • Machines and parts shipped from stock
    • International distribution
    • Oldest power tool company in the world, founded in 1867
    • High end power tool company in the automotive, interior, and metal segments
    • German engineering, design and production
    • 500 patents and distribution in 40 countries
    • Wide variety of products offered
    • Produces the "Gauered bar" referred to in the Steel Service Center Industry
    • Making edging and deburring machines since 1963
    • Gauerbuilt means rugged built
    • Made in the USA
    • Gauer machines are installed on 6 continents - none in Antarctica!
    • Manufacturer of laser oxide removal systems and Material handling for press brakes
    • Worldwide distribution network
    • German precision
    • Over three decades of experience
    • Manufacturer of blasters, washers, and vibratory shakers
    • Leader in shot blasting
    • Flow-through and batch systems for large and small applications
    • Made in the USA
    • Fully integrated systems available
    • Custom systems and designs available
    • World's largest manufacturer of widebelt sanders
    • Over 50 Years of machine manufacturing
    • A full line of wet and dry systems
    • Able to handle ferrous/ non-ferrous metals, composites, wood, and plastics
    • 40,000 systems installed worldwide