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Folding Machines // Schroder Group

Evolution Series of Bi-Directional Folder

Schroeder has been leading the industry with innovative advancements to folding for decades. They were the first to introduce bi-directional folding back in 2004 at EuroBLECH in Hannover Germany. In 2008, the introduction of the EVOLUTION series...

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MAK 4 Evolution Bi-Directional Folder

The MAK 4 EVO is big brother to the SPB. It is a work horse without peer. With a base machine capacity of 127” x ¼”, it weighs in at over 37,000 pounds. Onlookers are quick to admit they have never before seen anything this impressive.


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MAK 4 Series of Mono-Directional Folder

The EVOLUTION covers one end, the PowerBend the other, and the MAK 4 fills the gaps in between. Sizes from 60” x 0.314” to 16’ x 11 ga, with 12 sizes in-between make the MAK 4 the most uniquely diverse folder today.

The MAK 4 uses servo...

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PowerBend Series

Mono and Bi-Directional Folders

If the EVO was an evolutionary advancement to folding, the PowerBend is nothing short of revolutionary. Introduced in 2013 at EuroBLECH shows, the PowerBend series of mono and bi-...

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SPB Evolution Bi-Directional Folder

The SPB EVO is a market maker, so it is no coincidence it has become the standard for job shops working in a 9 gauge and under environment. Bi-Directional bending has become the norm for shops wanting a leaner production environment and the SPB...

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