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Tube/Pipe Benders // Ercolina

GB250/GB200/GB130 GigaBender

Models available up to 10 Axis CNC Control.  Up to 10" tube capacity, up to 8" Sch. 40 pipe capacity.

  • Programmable clamping, pressure die and boost movements.
  • Interactive touch screen display with ABS or INC modes.
  • ...

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TB140 Top Bender

6" Tube capacity, or 4" Sch. 80 pipe, minimum clearance 2.5D, touch screen programming and two bending speeds.

  • Notch angles to 60°, produces gap free joints ready for welding.
  • Bend any angle to 180 degrees with independent...

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TB60 Top Bender

Ercolina’s TB60 Top Bender is ideal for producing consistent quality bends in pipe, tube, squares, solids and other profiles. 

  • Mild steel tube capacity 2-1/2″
  • Pipe capacity 2″ Sch. 40
  • Square tube capacity 2″
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