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Software - 3D-Profile Plus for CNC plasma pipe cutters

Category: Tube/Pipe Fabrication
Manufacturer: Watts-Mueller

Comprehensive Software for Process-Oriented Production
Shorter production time and lower costs = Increased Productivity

This software solutions for machines and processes make the production workflow for our customers more efficient. The Watts-Mueller thermal cutting machines make 3D contours as part of an integrated process chain rather than an isolated element.

With our 3D-Profile Plus software (3DPP) CAM modules, we link our machines to both upstream and downstream workflows, significantly reducing production time, material costs and errors.

The 3DPP software and our machine based CorobsĀ® software are the basis for the Watts Classic, Watts Blended, and all Watts-Mueller Heavy Duty, MO Compact, MO Classic and MO Heavy-Duty machine series.

3DPP is a comprehensive CAD/CAM system for:

- Modeling cutting geometries
- Nesting numerous parts to be cut on a single pipe
- Assigning cutting functions to one or several machines
  (while taking into account their respective capacity)
- Keeping track of current working process stages at the machine(s) AND
- Calculating and recording cutting times and costs

3DPP also provides extensive reporting functions for calculation or documentation purposes. Furthermore, 3DPP provides comprehensive reporting for downstream costing and documentation purposes. This robust software system can be fully integrated into any company workflow as an autonomous software system for the modeling of pipes or by importing drawings from a multitude of CAD software systems.

3DPP offers rich data in SQL views that can be pulled into Excel and other tools for reporting, and into ERP systems or other databases. 3DPP is typically run at both the machine and in an office(s). In offices: a CAD designer and/or detailers can import jobs, design parts, and plan work. At the machine, operators can input nested parts on pipes and other cut jobs.

Ask us for more features and details, including the 3DPP modeling module, 3DPP CAD import module, and 3DPP nesting module. Click here to contact us or call 763-574-9000.  We will put you in touch with one of our experts to discuss your specific requirements. We will be happy to help you solve cutting related problems and to improve your facility's efficiency.