9H-10 Edge Deburring Machine

Category: Finishing/Deburring/Grinding/Sanding Machines
Manufacturer: Gauer Metal Products, Inc.

Cross Reference Category(s):
Straighteners, Parts and Strip, Tube/Pipe Fabrication, Dust Collectors

The advanced design coupled with the use of quality components and stringent controls during manufacture make the 9H-10 a very durable, extremely efficient system for in-plant edging of metal strip. Edging capability along with the decambering and detwisting performance of this equipment can provide a flexibility of production that will result in reduced costs. These savings can be realized by eliminating inventories of pre-edged material and possible delays in production runs caused by outside suppliers. The 9H-10 can be ordered equipped with a variable speed drive and loop control that makes synchronization with other line equipment extremely easy. The finished edge may be varied from a deburred safe edge within the complete thickness range, to a rounded corner edge on 3/16" material. Camber and twist control are achieved by simple adjustments.